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THE HEART OF MUSLIM@A scientific Explanation

The Best way to win is to not need to win . The best performances are accomplished when you are relaxed and free of doubt . Desire , when it seems from the heart & spirit , when it is pure and intense , possesses awesome electromagnetic energy . This energy is released into the ether each night as mind falls into the sleep state reinforced with the cosmic currents . That which has been imaged will surely and certainly be manifested . You can rely upon this ageless promise as surely as you can rely upon the eternally unbroken promise of sunrise . But you have to aware that THE BEST WORK REQUIRED more ability than you possessed and therefore you needed help that only Allah could give you . You made a true estimate of your own ability , then raised it by 50 percent and PUT YOURSELF IN ALLAH'S HAND . In this partnership , you have always received all the power you needed and in fact have actually felt it flowing through yourself . The kingdom of Allah is within you in the form of this power to help achieve your goals and realise your dreams . If you are a dreamer then let your dreams be poppivitely oriented so that you can turn them into realities from myth . Do not make any wrong or so much high desire lest it would steer you in fiend way . Control your souls which is most important for your mental peace . Allah said in Holy Quran "O ye who believe , Guard your own souls if ye follow guidance , no hurt can come to you from those who stray . The goal of you all is to Allah , It is He that will show you the turth of all that ye do (Sura Maida:108). We have to have consistency in throught and action , avoid having a split personality . Curb your emotion, dont make your nerve week , feel strong , feel brave . All reasonable men adapt themselves to world . Only a few unreasonable ones persist in trying to adapt the world to themselves . The heart of muslim will be strong , the heart of muslim dont fear any enemy,the heart of muslim fear only Allah and his everlasting torment .@@@@@Part 02@@@@@In our own time ,in our own place , in what we really are , and in the stage we have reached , good or bad , every human being is a specific element within the whole of the manifest divine being. So why be afraid of difficulties , sufferings and troubles ? Allah said "No calamity befalls by the leave of Allah and whosoever believes in Allah , He guides his heart and Allah is the all knowner of everything (Sura Tagabun:11) . So when troubles come , try to understand the relevance of your sufferings . Adversity always presents opportunities for introspection.Human beings needs such adversity as they are necessary to enjoy their success .""whosoever goes astray , He goes astray only for his own loss [Az Zumer:41].So Accept your destiny and go ahead with your life . Forget your all failures , sorrows , emotion , pain, agonize as it is essential to lead you to your destined path. Because ""The believers of Allah will not grieve or fear " [Sura Yunus=10]. Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forward . The ability to cope with adversity can be crucial for mental health of the individual .coping means successfully dealing with problems that arise in life.We will have to learn how can we manage the stresses we encounter in our life .Surely there is no better teacher in this world than experience . Total commitment is the common denominator . We need good health and boundless energy . Climbing to the top demands strength , whether to the top of Mount Everest or to the top of your Islamic activities or to the top of your career . So why be despaired ?ALLAH SAID" do not be despared of mercy of Allah , keep faith in Allah when you are despaired [Az Zumar:53]. So search for the true purpose of your existance , become one with yourself . "Allah does not want to place you in difficulty[ Maidah:6] or does not burden a person beyond his ability [Baqara:286]. So SURRENDER YOURSELF TO THE WISH OF ALLAH .@@@@@Part 03@@@@There are no successes in the world but having failure once . If you fail in all aspect of your life , if you are poor ,cann't earn wealth , why be worried , ?Allah said "Do not look covetously at what Allah has given some certain classes or unbelievers . " The aim of muslim are not restricted in this world or to obtain wealth . Allah said " O YE WHO BELIEVE ! WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU ? THAT WHEN YOU ARE ASKED TO GO FORTH IN THE CAUSE OF ALLAH , YOU CLING HEAVILY TO EARTH ?DO YOU PREFER THE LIFE OF THIS WORLD TO THE HEREAFTER ?BUT LITTLE IS THE COMFORT OF THIS LIFE , AS COMPARED WITH HEREAFTER .( Sura Tauba:38)so why you be offended ?, why you be agonized ?, why you be worried? , why you be afraid ?.Frustration , despair , disappointment , despondency ,ravage you , ruin you , destruct you , obstruct your possibilities . But there is a troubles of human beings .whenever human beings find themselves alone, as a natural reaction , they start looking for company . Whenever they are in troubles , they look for someone to help them . Whenever they reach an impasse , they look to someone to show them the way out . Every recurrent , anguish , longing and desire finds its own special helper . But dont take dishonest person as your special helper lest she or he would lead you into ruining your most valuable Iman . Allah said "O YE WHO BELIEVE ! FEAR ALLAH & BE WITH THOSE WHO ARE TRUE (IN WORD & DEED). [Sura Tauba:119]. But your best friend is Allah . Love only Allah and love others only for Allah's sake . Believe only Allah and try to believe other , Believe Allah and try to Believe other . You are not alone , You are not in solitary . Wherever you are Allah is always with you . But you have to call Allah for his help .Allah said "O ye who believe !SEEK HELP WITH PATIENT PERSEVERANCE AND PRAYER, FOR ALLAH IS WITH THOSE WHO PATIENTLY PERSEVERE [sura Baqara:153]. To call Allah and depend on Allah , wait for what Allah will do for you . Allah must send you a medium to get free you from impass . Because Allah is enough for us , most benign , most merciful and OUR BEST FRIEND . In this belief , THERE EXISTS A DIVINE POWER THAT CAN LIFT YOU UP FROM confusion , misery , melancholy , failure and Guide you to your true way .@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Asking pardon and advice if any mistake @ My quest for writting a concise note on one of my favourite book "wings of fire "written by former president of India and scientist , was backed a long time after reading this extraordinary autobiography which inspired me a lot to recharge my mind from destability through his religious journey of his life and his believe in Allah . But i noticed , feeling the book extremly highlights on nationality which is , of course , contradictory with Islamic Civilization .but i have recieved many advice suggestion ,proverb , verses from holy Quran, that assisting me in recovering from worst time i had confronted . So a lot of free time at this moment and that mulling , such fortunous or worse circummastance made it easy to pen all my throught that may help anyone to think or to recur his or her mental strength , may help to Strength his or her Soul . But I am , of course , solely responsible for what i have written . If any mistakes is here , i will redress as soon as notice.

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